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Best Responses for Garage Door Repair

New and updated responses to FAQs for garage door repair. Giving you the latest information.

  • Why should I get insulated garage doors?

    Insulation efficiency is important for the good environment indoors if the garage is attached to the house. They will save you a lot of money on energy in the long run and since insulated garage doors are thicker, they will also be stronger.

  • Is it necessary to reinforce my garage door when installing an automatic garage door opener?

    The answer is absolutely yes! If you fail to correctly install the opener reinforcement, there will be a resulting damage to your garage door. This can then result to voiding of the warranty and would mean thousands of dollars for you in terms of cost. Nevertheless, the configuration of the reinforcement varies depending on the garage door size as well as the model number. You can check and read more about this on the installation booklet/manual.

  • What is a safety cable?

    A safety cable can be fitted to your system to prevent a broken door spring from flying around. They are attached to a wall or the door track and are laced through the springs. They appear similar to standard garage door cabling but are usually made from a lighter weight cable. Since springs can be under tremendous strain through normal door operation, a safety cable can prevent accident or injury in the event of a break.

  • What do you mean by R-Value in garage doors?

    Garage doors need thermal efficiency for energy and safety reasons. Measuring it can be done with higher or lesser R-value. If your garage door has a high R-value, the insulating characteristics of your garage door is also higher. Many insulated garage door nowadays have a calculated R-value on each door section that will help you choose which one is most applicable for your space.

  • I have very little headroom in my garage. Will it be a problem?

    For standard headroom, there has to be 12” to 18” space between the opening header bottom and the open ceiling. However, in some cases, experts at Garage Door Repair League City can make custom-made garage doors that will fit even those with little headroom above the garage door. Tracks with low headroom can be applied to properly install a garage door and opener despite the little space available.

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