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Industry Practices and Garage Door Repair Tips

The things that you need to know about contracting and more. The following tips will help you deal with common garage door problems and help you decide about new systems and materials.

  • An effective homebrew formula for cleaning steel garage doors is diluted detergent.

    Look for any household machine-wash detergent with less than 0.5% phosphate content. All original formulas of popular brands meet this condition (never use formulas mixed with bleach or Febreze etc.). Add one cup of detergent to 5 gallons of warm water and there you have it.

  • You can enter and exit lock mode by pressing and holding the keypad button.

    The wireless keypad is designed to go into lock mode by pressing and holding the button for a few seconds. If your keypad wouldn’t open the garage door and if you don’t hear any noise at all, first thing you should check is to make sure it’s not in lock mode.

  • Edge sensors and photo eyes

    The law also mandates that apart from reversing mechanisms, all automatic garage doors must either have a photo eye or an edge sensor. Even if your garage doors are not giving you any problems, it's better to replace them now with an automatic opening system that has a reversing mechanism and either photo eyes or edge sensors.

  • Make sure the sensors are aligned

    The reverse mechanism of electric garage doors will work when the beams of the sensors meet each other under the closing panel. They'll fail to see each other when they're not aligned and that's why our specialists suggest that you should test them and align them often by using the fasteners at the back of the devices.

  • Try to Keep a Clearance Distance from the Door

    When you park and keep things in your garage, keep them at least five feet away from the door in order to prevent accidents. A rolling garage door landing on a car would cause serious damage, as you might imagine.

  • Check the metal track part inside the garage door from time to time

    If the garage door tracks are severely dented or damaged, it is time to replace it. To avoid accidents and malfunctions due to track problems, regular check up of the tracks should be done while the garage door is closed. It should be examined for dents or flat spots.

  • Keep the Pets Away from the Garage

    Garage Door Repair League City experts say that pets must be kept away from the garage and the door opener as much as possible. This will limit possible accidents around the house and avoid any unnecessary damage to garage door spare parts and accessories like remote controls, when they accidentally become toys for the pets.

Garage Door Repair League City

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