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Garage Door Springs

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The garage is a much frequented place of the house that requires easy access. This is the reason why remotes were added to the functionality of the doors. These very doors that easily rise up with a click of a button are almost impossible to lift without the help of garage door springs. The springs that are installed negate the heaviness of the door thereby allowing anyone to lift the door up and over their heads with very little effort.Garage Door Springs

Without the Springs

There are two kinds of springs that do the dirty work. The first one is the 'torsion' and the other is the extension spring. Regarding the amount of force that they put out, the overhead torsion spring has more. Both however affect the same result of countering the weight of the door and when either fails, the negating effect is lessened or outright eliminated causing the weight to drop to earth. This is especially dangerous for those underneath. At the time of failure, springs have also been known to break windshields. Imagine what that can do to human flesh.

The Professional Touch

Because of the danger that's associated with springs, it is important to an expert technicians perform the broken spring replacement for you. Everything is done according to the specifications of the current situation.

Count on us at Garage Door Repair League City if you need any help with your springs, opener, or have any issue with the door!

Garage Door Repair League City

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