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Garage Door Springs

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Have you had your garage springs professionally inspected or replaced recently? No, this is not a trick question and no, you should not try to fix them yourself. These springs are highly sensitive, under extreme tension and if they break, have been known to cause severe injuries. This is why servicing them regularly is not only necessary for your garage maintenance; it’s also an important safety requirement. 

Services for Torsion and Extension Springs

In every home’s garage across America, you’ll find either torsion or extension springs in the door mechanisms. They each have their own unique advantages, but they have one important point in common: once broken, they cannot be fixed. Our professional technicians have the training, skills and equipment to fix them both.

Door Spring Maintenance

The safest and cheapest option would be to call us in good time, well before the springs break. Signs that your springs are nearing the end of their life cycle include a shaky or squeaking door, especially when it’s opening.  The life cycle of your springs is finite, although their lifespan will depend on how heavy your garage door is and how strong your springs are. When the springs break, counterweights will drop, the door will fall down and the tension cables may snap, causing severe injury to anyone who happens to be nearby. Don’t wait until the springs break – call to schedule an appointment with our specialists today!

Professional Replacement Services

When you hear squeaking and shaking sounds, it could be a sign that the door springs are damaged. This is when you should call our highly trained technicians to replace them before they break and cause the door’s tension cable to snap. Our specialists have the right know-how and equipment to ensure they are replaced professionally, safely and with our trademark service guarantee.

Affordable Spring Upgrades

As technology advances, so do safety requirements and many doors installed over a decade ago may not pass our current safety standards. Today’s springs are much more durable, rust-resistant and can support a heavier load and more day-to-day strain. If you want your garage entrance working smoothly and safely for many years to come, we recommend our service technicians check the suitability of your springs for your particular garage door. It might be time for an affordable upgrade.

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