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Save on Garage Door Repairs

Save on Repairs | Garage Door Repair League City, TX

There will be times when you will have to spend your money on emergency repairs or to have worn parts replaced, but here’s how you can save money just by being proactive!

Lubricate, Lubricate, Lubricate

We can’t stress this enough, but lubrication is key to your door working properly and quietly. Keep in mind, though, that you need to remove any dust as well as any remaining lubricant from previous years, before reapplying the lubricant. Make sure to apply the right amount - proper lubrication will protect the moving parts, but sparse or excessive lubrication can cause misalignment and lead to dangerous situations.  

Auto Reverse Test

You can test the mechanical system by placing a 2x4 piece of wood flat on the threshold. The door should reopen upon coming in contact with the wood. In case you have the photoelectric system, break the beam while the door is closing by sticking your foot in the door’s path - the opener should automatically reverse direction. Note:  if your opener was made before 1993, it’s time to buy a new garage door, since yours doesn’t meet UL325 Standards put in place to protect you from accidents.

Spring Tension Check

When there is a power outage, you can open your garage door only by hand, and in order to do so, the springs should be properly tuned. Opening the door manually is an excellent way to check whether that’s the case. The door should not be too hard or too easy to open. Also, the door should stay in place both halfway and fully open - if it shoots up or drops make sure to have the springs adjusted. Stay clear of the door while checking its balance in case it falls down.

What Your Door is Telling You

Take notice of any noises your garage door is making while in use - do you hear any grinding, rubbing or scraping? What do you see: do both sides of the system look symmetrical or have you noticed any gaps between the rollers and the rail? If the sound you hear is becoming louder over time and you do notice misalignment or warping of the tracks, contact our company ASAP. Addressing the problem immediately may increase chances of repair, rather than replacement.


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